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worm bitch boys version - princesskarmaz

Feb. 9th, 2012

10:17 pm - worm bitch boys version

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Earlier today I had an amazing session with my owner. It was a rainy/ snowy day for her so I offered to do some shopping with her since she wouldn't be able to go out. I also agreed to amuse her while she was stuck at home. We had talked before about this device we called "Karmaz Teeth" and she decided today would be the day to try it out. Pretty much "Karmaz teeth" is a empty toilet paper roll with thumb tacks pushed into it. Our idea was that I would put it on and than she would call and tease and torment me. The more aroused I become the harder the thumbtacks would push in.

This morning she told me to put it on and than give her a call. As the phone was ringing Princess answered " Is this my worm bitch" and asked if I was ready. She started off right away. First she brought up my Girlfriends feet which she knows I love and how much they drive me crazy. She asked me what I loved most about them and had me describe her toes. It was at this point I started to feel the tacks pushing in and she could tell. I heard her laugh than she continued on. She had me talk about massaging her feet and the smell of her feet. The pain just kept getting worse and worse.

After teasing me about her for a few minutes she told me to say " i love you and I worship you." I always tell her this but this time as i was suffering I could feel how submissive I was to her and how much I worshiped her.

Next she went back to teasing. She asked me about a girl I have a crush on and her feet too. WE talked briefly about her feet and how beautiful they are and how I wish I could worship them. All this time the tacks Were poking deeper.

Once we had finished talking about her I was told to say " I am Your worm bitch and i worship you" Every time I would say it she would yell for me to say it louder and louder.

Now it was time for the last teas. Princess began talking about her feet. She knows how much I love and worship her feet and how crazy they make me. She talked about the socks she sent me and the picture of her feet she sent me. I even was told to look at the picture on my phone of her feet. At this point the pins were pressing so hard and and she could tell by the way I was talking. She asked if the pain was unbearable. I responded with " as long as your enjoying it." she laughed and than told me to squeeze the tube. This pushed all the tacks in as far as they could. Every time I would moan or make a sound she would yell to squeeze harder or to push one single tack as hard as I could..

Finally after almost fifteen minutes she said " you are a good little worm bitch you may remove it" and instructed me to remove one tack at a time. I did this kind of slow and as I took each one out I could fell how hard they had been pressing. Once they were all out Princess said and now time to shop and told me to get online where we looked at her wishlist together.

I must say it was a honor to amuse my owner like this. yes it hurt but it amused her and thats what a sub is for. To serve their owner in any way she desires. Weather it be Suffering or spoiling. Both of which I did for Princess today.